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15 December 2005
President N. Nazarbayev have been receiving greeting messages of heads of other states, politicians and public men.

Head of the state has had a greeting telegram of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan:

- I congratulate you on reelection on office of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Here I express hope that cooperation between UN and the Republic of Kazakhstan will be developed for the sake of the Kazakhstan’s people and stability and security in the region, the telegram reads.

Mr President has received a greeting message of Yan Kubish, the Special representative of the European Union in Central Asia

- I am inspired of your statement that you are going to devote your new term to further reforms, especially in politics. I am looking forward to continuation of our constant cooperation and wish you every success for the sake of your country.

Makmud Abbas, the Chairman of Palestinian National Autonomy: We are sincerely proud of friendship between our countries and sure that we will develop our relations.

Karlos Papulias, President of the Republic of Greece:

- I congratulate you on reelection on office of President of Kazakhstan. On behalf Greece’s people and on myself I wish you successes in your high mission of providing security and prosperity for Kazakhstan’s people, the telegram reads.

Nikolay Bordyuzha, Secretary General of the Organization of Agreement of collective security:

- The election’s results obviously testified a broad support by Kazakhstanis of your policy designed to strengthening of national consent, mutual understanding, trust in society, advancing development of social, economic and political modernization of the country. Under your leadership Kazakhstan made a notable contribution for development and deepening of integration in frame of Organization of Agreement on collective security, strengthening interaction of states in campaign against international terrorism, security and stability in Central Asia.

Piere Mazo, the chairman of French Constitutional Council:

- That success proves a strong impulse which you could give for further robust economic development of your country.

R.Khasimoto, ex-president of Japanese parliamentary League of friendship with Kazakhstan, T.Kavamura, Secretary General of the League.

Your glorious victory testifies that Kazakhstan’s people support your reforms which provided political stability and economic welfare.

We believe that your reelection will help Kazakhstan on a way of democratic and economic reforms.

Zh. Gurrarchaa, Great state Mongolian Hural, a cosmonaut:

I congratulate you on reelection on office of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To space I flew out of Kazakh steppe and flew back into the same vast expanses. So Kazakh people is always close to my heart and soul.

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