25 April 2006

Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbaev received Erbolat Dosaev, Public Health Care Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Minister reported to the President on the results of implementing the state program on developing and reforming the Public Health Care system in the 2005 year, and on plans of implementing orders given in the Address of the Head of the State. 

- Four main blocks concerning public health were determined in Kazakhstan’s strategy of joining 50 most competitive countries.  Those are the question of accelerated implementation of the state reformation program for the 2005-2010 years, and also questions connected to the main indicators of country competency. These are life expectancy, mother and infant death rates, reduction in the tuberculosis and HIV-AIDS sickness rates, and development of primary medical sanitarian care.    Also special emphasis will be made on ensuring the quality of offered medical services for kazakhstanies. The Public Health Care Ministry is ready to fulfill all outlined events in full according to the schedule and in time for implementing tasks given by the Head of the State. – E. Dosaev said in a press briefing. 

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